Life is not a bed of roses” a phrase we have been hearing it forever… well it’s so true. Based on my experiences in life. I have NOW a firm belief that there are no free lunches in this world and life is a struggle.

My life has been… I sometimes can’t really describe how my life is, whether I should be thankful or whether I should regret my current situation. I think I’d prefer the former approach.

My live was miserable for past three years, living with people who barely considered human a “human.” I did everything in my power to make them happy, to fulfil their desires and wishes but it was never enough. Deprived of basic rights to eat and drink to being considered a robot… I went through all kinds of mental and physical torture. While going through it, I never felt what I was giving up. The more I showed myself as submissive, the more people continued to take undue advantage of it, and I let it happen. At times it was for the respect of elders, for the respect of the relationship and most of the times it was the fear of losing my one loved one. I spent hours, journaling my every day activities and conditioning myself to the torture I received, writing in bold letters in my diary (as I recall). However, now when I look back, I feel so content and happy to see myself where I’m today.

I see the masks people have on them. I have discovered and realized the true essence of self-esteem, integrity and congruency of personalities. I have seen people projecting their weak and immature personalities because they don’t have that in themselves. People who consider others, the strong ones as a ladder to success and getting rich. I have seen educated people filled with so much of filth in their heads. (May God be with them)

I can rant for hours and hours about how people make others lives like hell, but the point is life goes on, people will at every cost will pull you down, destroy your personality, seek revenge, consider you a ladder to wealth and power, insult you as if it was their birth right, but when it comes to them, they are not ready to amend themselves.

I urge you to stand against such people. If you have such toxicity around, please leave them. You have this one life. Do not condition yourself to the torture and pain. Do not let it get to your head that your worthless and you don’t deserve anything or that you deserve less. There’s a greater power to decide that.

I am sharing a beautiful message with you that I received when I was on the verge of an extreme emotional breakdown. It helped me, hope it will help you too. Please read this over and over again and you’ll find the light in yourself… Find people who can support you like this 😊

“Don’t ever think that you’re weak. Or alone..

Because what you’ve done..for the sake of yourelf,…and for your beliefs…

It is the strongest and bravest thing a woman can proud of yourself…know that you’re capable of a lot more than what you may think..

If you can take this step..then you can achieve anything and everything in life..

I’ve only tried to guide you..give you the facts and pros and cons..

I cannot even imagine how incredibly difficult all of this is for you! And how exhausting..

It would be much much easier to give up and compromise and accept your life the way it was..

But you had all your faith in Allah.. And stood by what you believe is right…and that is the most incredible thing I’ve seen anyone do…

I have so so so much respect for you.. You are stronger than a majority of women not just in {___} but the entire world…

And for your weakest moments…know that you’ll get through anything life throws at you”